We may not be big, but we’re small – What is a small business and why does it matter?

Credit: The Vinyl Cafe/CBC.

Fans of the late Stuart MacLean will recognize the title as an inside joke about the Vinyl Café. But the title also speaks to another insider group. The policy wonks amongst you will also immediately recognize this topic of conversation. Some of you may be able to anticipate much of the discussion that follows. Those of you fortunate to live outside the federal government industrial policy bubble will wonder what the rest of us are on about. Read on to find out.

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About Iain Christie

Iain Christie
Founder and CEO at SideKickSixtyFive Consulting and host of the Terranauts podcast. Iain is a seasoned business executive with deep understanding of the space business and government procurement policy. Iain worked for 22 years at Neptec including as CEO. He was a VP at the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada, is a mentor at the Creative Destruction Lab and a visiting professor at the University of Ottawa's Telfer School of Management.

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    Nicholas Kellett

    Thanks Iain, very good insight and practical definition of a small business.

    One thing I’d love to see in the Federal innovation toolkit is a super lightweight procurement process along the lines of BC government’s “Sprint With Us” initiative (on their Digital Marketplace https://digital.gov.bc.ca/marketplace). I haven’t used it, but it seems like an interesting way to reduce proposals costs and give small businesses a chance to do rapid and meaningful innovation while meeting government project goals & objectives cost-effectively.

    Such a move would be timely since COVID-19 has fundamentally rearranged the nature of business and innovation. Small companies can do amazing work if creatively supported by the government – as you suggest.