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Group Membership Rate

Group Membership for Companies, Universities, Non-Profits: Keep it simple. Get a group membership for your organization. Decide how many user licenses you want and get one bill. It’s that simple. Assign one person to manage the membership or we can do it for you. Adding a user is as simple as sending an email invitation. Also note, user licenses are transferrable if an employee leaves your organization.

Group Membership for Government Departments: We’re offering two options for government departments. We encourage departments to purchase licenses from both options to satisfy their needs. We’re happy to coordinate with your departments library to facilitate your needs.

— Annual Government Group Membership Individual Accounts – With this option an organization buys a number of user licenses for individual accounts within the department.

— Annual Government Group Membership Library Account – With this option an organization buys a number of user licenses for a Library which are made available through their IP restricted system. This is useful for those who need occasional access.

Volume Discounts:  Are available for 10 or user licenses: For those organizations, whether corporate, government etc., that can commit to 10 or more subscriptions we are offering a group discount on our annual rate.