Just Call Me Robo – Part 2

The Canadian Space Agency Mission Control Centre in Saint-Hubert, Quebec

In this episode I continue my conversation with three Terranauts who have all worked in Mission Control of the International Space Station as callsign ROBO – responsible for the operation of the International Space Station’s robotic arm.

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Just Call Me Robo – Part 1

NASA JSC Mission Control Center STS-118

In this episode of the Terranauts podcast we continue our series on the evolution of Mission Control.  Last time, I talked about my experience walking into Mission Control in the middle of the Space Shuttle program and at the end of the era of the Apollo control centre as it was about to make a transition to the Space Station era.

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NASA is getting into the comics game to inspire new astronauts

NASA First Woman Graphic Novels

NASA’s “First Woman” is a fictional near-future portrayal of life on a NASA lunar base, told from the point of view of Callie Rodriguez, who is the first woman (and of color) to step on the Moon in the way of the (currently planned) Artemis mission. And while Callie is fictional, that part isn’t — NASA has committed to having at least one woman of …

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