Artemis 1 Mission
Kepler Communications - Solving the downlink bottleneck

Weather scrubs SpaceX Crew Demo 2 launch

SpaceX Crew Demo 2 launch scrub, May 27, 2020. Credit: NASA TV.

Everything with the launch countdown was going perfectly except for the weather. And then at T-minus 16:53 minutes SpaceX scrubbed the launch.

The next launch attempt is set for Saturday, May 30 at 3:22 pm EDT.

Air Force One with President Trump arriving at Kennedy Space Center with the Falcon 9 on the pad. Credit: NASA TV.

The mission will see the astronauts test all the spacecraft’s systems, berth with the International Space Station, leave and land in the Atlantic ocean off the coast of Florida.

How long they will stay at the International Space Station is still to be decided by NASA, but it will be at a minimum of six weeks.

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