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Kepler LEO constellation satellites set to launch

Kepler TARS satellite

Kepler Communications last demonstration satellite, TARS, is now scheduled to launch on August 31 on an Arianespace Vega launcher. That launch has been delayed almost a year. The first delay was the failure of the preceding Vega mission which necessitated a launch failure investigation. Then came the pandemic, and finally weather delays. Now, even as Kepler breathes a sigh of relief as TARS is finally …

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Customers wait on SpaceX Starlink internet service in Canada

SpaceX Starlink

If you live in area in Canada that lacks high-speed Internet, the news that the SpaceX Starlink internet service might be coming to you soon will be welcome news. However, customers will have to wait, how much longer is uncertain, but it seems unlikely the Starlink service will be available this year. This page is for subscribers only. Already a subscriber? Log in. Fact-driven space …

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SpaceX successfully launches astronauts for the first time

SpaceX Crew Demo 2 launch

At 3:22 pm EDT a SpaceX rocket with astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley successfully launched on a mission to test the new Crew Dragon capsule. The two astronauts will spend about 19 hours catching up the International Space Station (ISS) where they will spend at least six weeks. NASA has yet to decide on how long they’ll stay. That will in part depend on …

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