Video - Cubes in Space 2017 Conference: Launching Canada into Space. Credit: Canada Aviation and Space Museum.

Video – Cubes in Space 2017 Conference: Launching Canada into Space

Today the Canada Aviation and Space Museum is hosting the Cubes in Space 2017 Conference: Launching Canada into Space. The event brings together more than 100 elementary and high school students from the National Capital Region.

The event was organized by idoodledu inc, founders and creators of the Cubes in Space competition. The Cubes in Space competition is a global design challenge for students ages 11-18 where they will design experiments that fit into small clear cubes that will be launched by NASA on sounding rocket or high altitude balloon in 2017.

The morning began with special presentations (below) by Dr. Roger Crouch, a retired NASA astronaut, Frank Peri, of the NASA Engineering Directorate, Isabelle Tremblay, a Canadian Space Agency Senior Systems Engineer and Amber Agee-DeHart, the Founder of Cubes in Space and President of idoodlelearning.

Students are spending the rest of the day learning about aerospace science and engineering during hands-on workshops.

Robert Sowah, CEO of idoodlelearning said “for many of the youth that we work with, the excitement and pride generated by taking part in a real, live space experiment with NASA serves as an impetus for a life-long love for STEM learning, problem solving and meaningful experimentation. This is the kind of confidence that we want to inspire in Canada’s First Nations communities as well.”

Alex Benay, President and CEO, Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation said of the event “the Cubes in Space project is one we are proud to share with Canadians around the country. Our museums continually seek new ways to bring innovative programming that teaches STEM subjects to the nation’s youth. We look forward to the launch of the final product!”

Charles Bouchard, a retired Royal Canadian Air Force Lieutenant, and now Canada Chief Executive of Lockheed Martin (Canada) said “Lockheed Martin pushes scientific boundaries of research and innovation every day and we are committed to doing our part to motivate the next generation of scientists and engineers to pursue careers in STEM fields. We encourage unique opportunities to engage Canada’s youth in STEM initiatives and that is why we are very proud to have selected Cubes in Space as a key community partner to promote innovation across Canada in 2017”. Lockheed Martin is a sponsor of the event.

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