Short Cuts: Space Policy, Earth Observation Summit, Apogy Software, Upcoming Events and More

In today’s Short Cuts: The Canadian Space Commerce Association held its first Canadian Space Policy Summit last week and we have the first of three stories from the event. The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) releases information about the the 11th Advanced SAR (ASAR) Workshop being held as part of the Earth Observation Summit 2017. The CSA promotes its Apogy software for operating robots and satellites and we list this weeks and upcoming events.

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The Canadian Space Agency Perspective from the 2016 Space Policy Symposium
As the first speaker at the symposium, Mr. Laporte had an attentive audience looking for some insight into current thinking at the Canadian Space Agency on the issue of space policy.

Laporte began by saying that while Minister Bains is leading the effort on the Innovation Agenda and that “space is going to be very tightly aligned with the Innovation Agenda going forward”, other government departments also have an interest in space. He mentioned in particular, climate change, developing the north, agriculture and management of resources, with space contributing to every one of these areas.

He then went on to talk about the recent Waterloo Innovation Summit which was an influential two day summit from which ISED identified three areas of action; Harness emerging technologies, engage in mission-driven research and scaling up of firms.

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Related: The Space Policy Journal volume 37, Part 2 is out. It focuses on using extraterrestrial resources to facilitate space science and exploration.

11th Advanced SAR (ASAR) Workshop at the Earth Observation Summit 2017
June 20-22, 2017, Montreal

The Advanced SAR (ASAR) Workshop is organized biennially by the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) to review progress on synthetic aperture radar (SAR) technology. Canada is very active in the field of SAR through its RADARSAT program and its participation in the European Space Agency (ESA) Earth Observation program.
This time, ASAR will be part of the Earth Observation (EO) Summit 2017. The Summit brings together in one exceptional event the 38th Canadian Symposium on Remote Sensing (CSRS), the 17th Congress of the Association Québécoise de Télédétection (AQT) and the 11th ASAR Workshop. This EO Summit 2017 is an international event to be held in Montreal from 20 to 22 June 2017. It aims to assemble several communities interested in EO, its technologies, applications and societal benefits.

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The Earth Observation (EO) Summit 2017 brings together in one exceptional event the 38th Canadian Symposium on Remote Sensing (CSRS), the 17th Congress of the Association Québécoise de Télédétection (AQT) and the 11th Advanced SAR (ASAR) Workshop. It aims to assemble several communities interested in Earth Observation (EO), its technologies, its applications and its societal benefits.

Training on remote sensing applications and technologies will be offered on June 19th. An ice-breaker event will be held on the evening of June 20th while a dinner banquet is offered on June 21st. A student program will foster student – employers networking and offer travel grants.

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Canadian Space Agency Apogy Software for Operating Robots and Satellites
The CSA began promoting through their website the Apogy software which they say was developed by a small team of robotics experts at the CSA. The tool they say has “the potential to simplify the way manufacturers and operators develop and run future missions.”

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The AIAC Names David Gossen Chair of the AIAC Board
The Aerospace Industries Association of Canada (AIAC) is pleased to announce the election of David Gossen, President of IMP Aerospace & Defence, as Chair of the AIAC Board of Directors. Mr. Gossen succeeds John Maris, President of Marinvent Corporation, who served as Chair of the AIAC Board over the last year.
“I am honoured to have the opportunity to serve as AIAC’s Board Chair,” said Mr. Gossen. “The global industry is fiercely competitive and changing quickly, and it is essential that the Canadian aerospace industry be innovative, focused and strategic if we are to continue growing and maintain our position of global leadership. I look forward to working with AIAC’s Board and management team to ensure the ongoing success of Canada’s aerospace industry in the years ahead.”

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Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT) To Build and Operate New Station in Inuvik in Canada
Although this item goes back to late September it was not widely reported. The new ground station is in response in part to a new contract in support of the European Copernicus program.


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