Canadian Space Agency Astronaut Candidates as of November 2016
Canadian Space Agency Astronaut candidates map distribution as of November 2016. Credit: CSA.

Up to 100 Candidates Selected for the next Canadian Astronaut Recruitment Phase

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) will shortly finish notifying up to 100 candidates out of the 3,772 who had originally applied, that they’ve made it to the next round. The lucky “100” will continue on in their quest in trying to become one of two astronauts selected next summer. While the CSA released information yesterday saying it had identified 163 qualified candidates available for the next round, they are limited to selecting up to 100 to continue.

The candidates will now complete a preliminary interview and initial medical exams which will then be followed by additional tests and medical exams as well as getting vetted for security clearance. Those who make it through that process will go through a final interview and medical exam. It seems you can’t have enough medical exams!
The CSA provided a breakdown by province of the 163 who had made it through to this phase. Of the candidates, 66.3% are men and 33.7% are women. The breakdown by province and territory is listed below.

  • Ontario: 54
  • Residing Outside of Canada (Canadian or dual citizenship): 45
  • Quebec: 19
  • Alberta: 18
  • British Columbia: 17
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: 3
  • Nova Scotia: 3
  • Manitoba: 2
  • Northwest Territories: 1
  • Saskatchewan: 1
  • New Brunswick: 0
  • Nunavut: 0
  • Prince Edward Island: 0
  • Yukon: 0

Infographic of the 3,772 Canadian astronaut candidates.

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