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CASTOR telescope concept update

CASTOR space telescope

The Canadian Astronomical Society (CASCA) has provided an update on the CASTOR telescope concept, a major telescope project the Canadian astronomy community had identified in its decadal report.

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On-demand Deep Space Operations

This artist's concept shows what Deep Space Station-23, a new antenna dish capable of supporting both radio wave and laser communications, will look like when completed at the Deep Space Network's Goldstone, California, complex

Deep space operations is an area NASA has identified as needing additional investments as we explore further, deeper and with more frequency. To that end, NASA is adding to its infrastructure and thinking about new ways to best use its assets, including on-demand access.

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The SuperBIT balloon telescope could help replace Hubble’s observations

Can the The SuperBIT Balloon Telescope replace some of the Hubble Space Telescopes observations? The answer apparently is yes

While the Hubble Space Telescope is back to full science operations after a computer glitch sidelined it for weeks, the pioneering 31-year-old observatory won't last forever in space. Most of the attention about "successors" falls on the $8 billion USD ($10 billion CAD) NASA James Webb Space Telescope, which may launch this year with Canadian technology to a Lagrange point. But cheaper alternatives are emerging, …

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