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ispace Loses Contact with Spacecraft During Lunar Landing

ispace founder and personnel wait anxiously for the news on the Hakuto-R Mission 1 landing attempt

As with any landing on the Moon there are many anxious moments. That was no different today, and even those around the world watching remotely through YouTube could sense it. At ispace mission control, and in the auditorium where executives, officials and invitees watched, looks spoke loudly. First there was the anticipation of a possible successful landing, then the resignation that something had gone wrong.

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Jeremy Hansen is the First Canadian Going to the Moon

Canadian astronaut Jeremy Hansen is going to the Moon

Jeremy Hansen’s patience has paid off. After nearly 14 years as a Canadian Space Agency (CSA) astronaut accumulating skills including managing teams like the 2017 astronaut class’ trainers, he will be aboard the Artemis 2 mission that is returning humans to the Moon’s area in November 2024 or so.

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