SpaceX Transporter-1 rideshare mission with Canadian satellites onboard slips to mid-January (Updated)

SpaceX Falcon 9 launch of Starlink satellites. Credit: SpaceX.

SpaceQ has learned that the SpaceX Transporter-1 Rideshare mission has slipped until the new year with a January 14th launch date. The mission will carry 9 Canadian small satellites on-board.

In an email exchange today discussing the companies contract to have the Space Flight Lab build their next three satellites, GHGSat CEO Stephane Germain confirmed that their satellite GHGSat-C2 (Hugo) is manifested on the Transporter-1 launch. Also on the rideshare launch are 8 satellites from Kepler Communications.

With this news, we can now tally the total number of Canadian satellites launched this year at six. This includes ESAIl for exactEarth, GHGSat-C1 and Kepler-3, Kepler-4, and Kepler-5, along with the DESCENT CubeSat from York University which was deployed from the International Space Station on November 5th. We’ll have a feature article on DESCENT later this week.

Updated Wed. Nov. 18 9:00 AM ET – We received an email from Kepler stating they will have 8 satellites launched on the Transporter-1 mission.

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