Rocket science is proven on the rocket engine test stands

Rocket Engine Test Stands - Where Rocket Science is Proven. Credit: Copenhagen Suborbitals.

So you want to build a rocket engine. Great, how do you prove that your design will work? On the rocket engine test stand of course.

Today on Science Weekend we’re featuring a short 12 minute introductory video by Copenhagen Suborbitals on how you design and use a rocket engine test stand.

Copenhagen Suborbitals was founded in 2011. They are building a variety of capabilities with the ultimate goal of developing rocket able to launch astronauts into orbit. They also happen to be a crowdfunded space program.

Copenhagen Suborbitals rocket development timeline.
Copenhagen Suborbitals rocket development timeline. Credit: Copenhagen Suborbitals.

This isn’t a full-time gig for them. They state that “we do this on our spare time, all the donations go to paying our workshop rent and buying materials. We are forever thankful to each of our supporters.”

This may be an amateur operation, but over the years they’ve developed a variety of skill-sets and are passing along that knowledge to young engineers.

Watch the video rocket engine test stands

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