Inside the Perimeter Institute Fall Winter 2019 Magazine Released

Inside the Perimeter Fall Winter Magazine. Credit: Perimeter Institute.

The Perimeter Institute (PI) has released its Fall/Winter 2019 Inside the Perimeter magazine which highlights computational physics and its increasing importance at the PI.

The issue also highlights recent PI researchers who’ve won Breakthrough and New Horizons prizes, an interview with Sir Martin Rees, learn more about the inaugural Undergraduate Theoretical Physics Summer Program, and much more.

You can download the magazine below or read it online.

  • Page 4 – New Horizons, Robert Myers
  • Page 6 – Perimeter researchers win Breakthrough and New Horizons prizes, Mike Brown
  • Page 8 – Compound interest: Researchers flourish in the overlap between math and physics, Erin Bow
  • Page 9 – Krembil Foundation elevates its commitment
  • Page 11 – Celebrating 10 years of Perimeter Scholars International, Stephanie Keating
  • Page 13 – Computing meets physics
    • Page 14 – CHIME lives up to its promise – and then some, Erin Bow and Stephanie Keating
    • Page 16 – The new science of cause and effect, Tenille Bonoguore
    • Page 19 – Data wizard Dustin Lang, Colin Hunter
    • Page 21 – The rise and rise of machine learning, Tenille Bonoguore
    • Page 23 – A new paradigm for artificial intelligence and physics, Roger Melko
  • Page 26 – Upcoming conferences
  • Page 27 – Martin Rees on stars, science, and signs of life, Colin Hunter
  • Page 29 – Back on the bus with ISSYP, Stephanie Keating
  • Page 32 – Thanks to our supporters
  • Page 34 – Inaugural program gives undergrads a glimpse of research life, Stephanie Keating
  • Page 36 – Where did it come from? Digital computing, Erin Bow
  • Page 40 – Particles
  • Page 42 – PI kids are asking: What is the smallest thing in the universe?, Stephanie Keating

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