Exploring the Moon with Let’s Talk Science

Moon Exploration with Let's Talk Science. Credit: Let's Talk Science.

On April 12 Let’s Talk Science in partnership with the Canadian Space Agency presented a virtual symposium titled Let’s Talk Lunar: Exploring the Moon – People, Technology and Ethics for a New Frontier.

The symposium was geared to students in grade 9 through 12. The keynote talk was delivered by Canadian Space Agency astronaut Jeremy Hansen. This was followed by presentations from four panelists who then took part in a roundtable discussion.

The panelists were:

  • Peter Visscher (General Manager Canadensys Aerospace Corporation): Peter will lead an insightful presentation on the impact of robots in space and how they can be the difference between life and death for an astronaut.
  • Cam Dickinson (Space Science Researcher at the MDA): Cam will explain the role of artificial intelligence in space and how astronauts can use it to manage the risk of space exploration.
  • Timiebi Aganaba (Assistant Professor at Arizona State University): Should humans even be in space? During her insightful presentation, Timiebi will break down the ethics of space travel and how viewpoints vary across the globe.
  • Erin Richardson (Aerospace engineering student at the University of Toronto – Moderator): Erin will guide a provocative and engaging conversation with our panelists while fielding and answering questions from students.

Watch this fascinating discussions on exploring the Moon.

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