Creative Destruction Lab Set to Graduate 13 Companies in First Space Stream

June 2018 CDL Insights chat with Chris Hadfield, Firouz M. Naderi, Anousheh Ansari and Dante Lauretta. Credit: Creative Destruction Lab.

The Creative Destruction Lab’s first Space Stream will graduate 13 companies this week after completing a nine month program.

The Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto is home to the Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) which they describe as “a seed-stage program for massively scalable, science-based companies.” For its inaugural Space Stream we counted 29 companies in total that participated in the Stream. CDL does not, as a rule, talk about the companies selected to participate in each stream. Of the 29 companies we identified, nine are Canadian, six of which will graduate.

Now that the nine month program is over, CDL is organizing a Super Session this Wednesday and Thursday. That Super Session will include the graduating teams from all their Streams, not just space.

For the Space Stream, their day in the public will be this Wednesday. They will hear from former Canadian astronaut Colonel Chris Hadfield and Anousheh Ansari, CEO of the X PRIZE, both of whom are part of a group of 24 space mentors.

Graduation means that the mentors saw enough in the individuals and products each company is trying to bring to the market to keep mentoring them throughout the program. For the companies themselves, they should now be ready to announce new funding from investors or start a new round of funding whether it’s a bridge, Series A etc.

The 13 companies graduating are (first six are Canadian):

  1. QEYnet Inc. – A global low-cost microsatellite-enabled quantum key distribution network.
  2. Wyvern Space – Delivering premium Earth observation imagery from satellite platforms (Hyperspectral).
  3. Reaction Dynanics – Agile launch services using a new hybrid engine.
  4. SpaceRyde (Formerly Loonify) – Agile launch for small satellites using a stratospeheric balloon and ultra-light rocket.
  5. Leap Biosystems – Healthcare for astronauts.
  6. Mission Control Space Services – Mission operations and robotics.
  7. Atomos Nuclear and Space – In-space transportation service that will help lower launch costs for today’s satellite operators.
  8. Cognitive Space – Satellite AI automation.
  9. Leo Aerospace – A deliberate and prioritized launch solution for microsatellites.
  10. PTScientists –  Is a German new-space company whose aim is to bring down the cost of space exploration and democratise access to the Moon.
  11. The Launch Company – Launch support.
  12. AI Spacefactory – Is a multi-planetary architectural and technology design agency.
  13. Bluefield Technologies – Greenhouse gas emission tracking via a satellite constellation.

We’ll have more details on each companies plans after the Super Session.

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