Competition is Coming so Starlink Offers Canadians a Deal

SpaceX Starlink march 2023 promo. Credit: SpaceX.

As SpaceX continue to increase the number of Starlink satellites being launched, including its new generation of satellites, it’s also mindful that competition is coming, and fast.

SpaceX Starlink March 2023 promo sales in Canada

Competition is good for the customer, at least it will be once OneWeb, Amazon’s Kuiper and others have enough traction to lure customers away from SpaceX. And recently Starlink has increased prices and limited speeds for some segments of its customer base.

And just when RV customers were happy with the service, they are now discovering they should have read the full terms of service which in parts states, “Best Effort Service for RV Users. Network resources are always deprioritized for Starlink RVs users compared to other Starlink Services, resulting in degraded service and slower speeds in congested areas and during peak hours.” RV users are now complaining.

But wait, now that competition is coming, including Kuiper revealing its satellite internet antennas at Satellite 2023 this week, which will be cost less than US$400 to produce, SpaceX on Monday began a mass emailing Canadians on its lists with a pretty good offer, at least for the residential user.

The limited time offer allows the user to get “Over 50% off your Kit (now $350, was $759).” That kit is the antenna and needed equipment to get started. The offer is not valid for areas with waitlists. Starlink claims that if you’ll be connected “within 1-2 weeks” of ordering.

Aside from the deal on the equipment, the residential monthly cost is $140 and the Starlink Roam (formerly RV) is priced at $170 month.

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