Brazil’s Concert Technologies Signs Launch Services Agreement with C6 Launch Systems

Illustration of the second stage of the C6 Launch Services before payload deployment. Credit: C6 Launch Services.

A little over a month after signing an agreement with the Brazilian Air Force Command (COMAER) to develop a new launch area at the Alcantara Space Center, C6 Launch Systems has its first customer.

Concert Technologies S.A. who are developing a new small satellite constellation have signed a a non-exclusive letter of intent to launch three small satellites with C6 Launch. The broad agreement allows for Concert Technologies to schedule more launches to maintain and expand their high-resolution Earth Observation (EO) constellation.

SpaceQ spoke with Richard McCammon, CEO of C6 Launch who told us they will provide satellite integration and launch before handing them off to Concert Technologies. The satellites would be launched from their new launch area at the Alcantara Space Center in 2025 and 2026.

McCammon also said details on how many launches would be needed for the low-inclination EO constellation have yet to be determined as the satellites are still in the design phase.

In a press release Angelo Menhem, CEO of Concert Technologies said, “There is a huge domestic and international market for information driven operations based in Smart Satellite images and IoT services.  Partnering with C6 Launch as a launching provider is strategic because departing from Alcantara is vital to reach the orbital planes we are targeting.”

C6 Sistemas, C6 Launch’s Brazilian subsidiary, is the primary operator for the mission.

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