Workshop on Earth Surface-Atmosphere Interactions and Processes in Climate and Air Quality

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) is pleased to announce that it will host a Workshop on Earth Surface-Atmosphere Interactions and Processes in Climate and Air Quality from 1 to 3 December 2009, at the John H. Chapman Space Centre in St-Hubert, Quebec. The workshop has several objectives:

– Dec. 1 will permit the CSA to provide updates on its programs and activities of relevance to Earth System Science.
– Dec. 2 will focus on developing collaborative research activities involving the use of space-based Earth Observations, between the Canadian Atmospheric Science community and other sectors of the Canadian Earth System Science community.
– Dec. 3 will focus primarily on the six recent mission concept studies that address Atmospheric Processes of Climate and its Changes (APOCC) and planning of mission development activities.
Program Overview
During the last two decades, the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) has developed a strong relationship with the Canadian atmospheric science community. Canadian Space Program investments in five space missions (WINDII on UARS, MOPITT on Terra, OSIRIS on Odin, SCISAT and CloudSat) have been considerable. These missions have contributed in very significant ways to our understanding of the dynamics and chemistry of Earth’s atmosphere. They have also contributed to the development of Canadian capabilities in instrument design and fabrication, and the validation of space data using ground-based and airborne instruments, and atmospheric modeling. Recent instrument and mission concept studies, as well as science being performed with data from the currently operating missions, attest to the vibrancy of this community.
Essential Facts
Dates: December 1-3, 2009
Venue: Canadian Space Agnecy, Saint-Hubert, Quebec
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