GeoCanada 2010 – Working with the Earth

GeoCanada 2010 is a once-in-a-decade opportunity for anyone who works with the Earth. Whether your focus is petroleum, base and precious metals, groundwater, geophysics, bedrock and seabed mapping, geohazards, uranium or environmental remediation, GeoCanada 2010 will present the latest developments across a complete spectrum of Earth Science professions. It is the ultimate opportunity to gain insight into your profession and the Earth, sharing experiences and knowledge with your peers from across Canada.
NOTE: There is a special session of interest to the space community:
Geoscientific Instrumentation in Extreme Environments: Earth, Ocean, Space
Geoscientists have always been involved in the exploration of new frontiers and extreme environments, whether these are located in polar regions, beneath the oceans or on other planetary bodies. This session proposes to focus on field operations, geophysical instruments, novel technologies, robotics, real-time remote observations, data processing, and other themes related to geoscientific surveying in extreme environments – Earth, Ocean and Space – that are generating revolutionary changes in understanding key terrestrial, oceanic, and planetary processes and hazards. The goal of the session is to promote new collaborations and networking amongst scientists, engineers, and policy-makers in these diverse fields of research, and search for common ground. We invite papers on innovative projects that are yielding new insights into extreme environments and complex Earth and Space systems, e.g. polar science (IPY), surveys of oceanic and lithospheric crust (IODP), oceans (VENUS and NEPTUNE Canada), lower atmosphere (UVS Canada) and upper atmosphere/space (Canadian Space Program).
Essential Facts
Dates: May 10-14, 2010
Venue: Calgary, AB, Canada
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