UN Space Security Conference Features Canadian Voices

Credit: NASA Earth Observatory.

Earlier this year the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR) held a Space Security Conference that included several Canadian voices and was co-organized by The Simons Foundation Canada.

UNIDIR describes the conference as bringing “together experts and diplomats from around the world to examine some of the technical and policy questions impacting multilateral dialogue on space security and to seek possible paths forward towards stability in space.”

A summary publication of the event is available below.

Canadians were featured on three panels;

  • Dr. Jessica West, Program Officer, Project Ploughshares on the What is a ‘Space Force’? panel.
  • Col. (ret) André Dupuis, President, Space Strategies Consulting Ltd. on the Gathering Evidence in Orbit panel.
  • Mr. Stewart Bain, CEO, NorthStar Earth & Space Inc. on the Gathering Evidence in Orbit panel.
  • Amb. (ret) Paul Meyer, Senior Fellow, The Simons Foundation Canada on the Next Steps for Multilateral Dialogue panel.

Dr. West is the editor of the annual Space Security Index published by Project Ploughshares with support from the Simons Foundation Canada.

Col. Dupuis has built a small boutique firm since leaving the Department of National Defence that consults and provides topical reports on space operations for a variety of stakeholders, including national security.

Mr. Bain’s company NorthStar Earth & Space is in the process of designing and building a Low Earth Orbit satellite constellation for both Earth observation and space situational awareness.

Mr. Meyer is a Senior Fellow in Space and Cyber Security at The Simons Foundation. He’s served in variety of diplomatic posts including the then Soviet Union, Japan, NATO and other postings.

Panel Videos

The event was videotaped, and below you’ll find the three panels featuring Canadians. The full list of event videos is available on YouTube.

Panel 2: What is a Space Force?

Panel 5: Gathering Evidence in Orbit

Panel 6: Next Steps for Multilateral Dialogue

UNIDIR Space Security Conference 2019 Report


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