The Government of Canada to host webinar for its Space-Based Earth Observation strategy

File photo: Space-based Earth Observation. Credit: Canadian Space Agency.

In July the Canadian Space Agency on behalf of the government released a Space-Based Earth Observation engagement paper. The paper was discussed at the 41st Canadian Symposium on Remote Sensing which SpaceQ covered. Next week, the CSA is hosting a whole-of-government webinar as part of the process. Here’s what you need to know.

The CSA will host the Space-Based Earth Observation webinar Wednesday, October 7 between 10 am and 12 pm EDT. Registration is not required, just follow the link.

Along with the engagement paper, they are asking those interested to complete an online questionnaire. You can also send your questions ahead of the webinar to

There’s also another, and very useful opportunity, to engage one-on-one with key leaders from three government departments. You can book a 15 minute virtual meeting with the following Director General’s between 2-4 pm EDT after the webinar.

  • Eric Laliberté, DG for Space Utilization, CSA;
  • David Harper, DG for the Monitoring and Data Service Directorate, ECCC;
  • Eric Loubier, DG for Canada Centre for Mapping and Earth Observation, NRCan; and,
  • Manon Larocque, A/DG Policy, CSA.

To book your meeting with one of the DG’s email and indicate which DG you would like to meet with.

What is Space-Based Earth Observation?

The Canadian Space Agency in the engagement paper defines Space-Based Earth Observation (SBEO) “as the gathering of data about the Earth’s physical, chemical, and biological systems using satellites. SBEO also involves monitoring changes in natural and built environments. SBEO critically supports other observations conducted by aerial and ground systems. Together, all of these platforms (space, aerial, ground) make up the wider field of Earth observation (EO).”

Read online or download the engagement paper below.


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