The Excitement and Mysteries as we Hunt for Habitable Worlds

This artist's concept shows a hypothetical planet covered in water around the binary star system of Kepler-35A and B.

In our third and final SpaceQ podcast episode of our annual Winter Series, we’re featuring a live lecture from the Perimeter Institute with astrophysicist Elizabeth Tasker.

The lecture was recorded on November 6, 2019 and Tasker’s talk was titled “Home away from home, the hunt for habitable planets.”

Tasker is a British astrophysicist, science writer and an Associate Professor at the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency.

As you’ll hear, Tasker is a very good science communicator. In this lecture, she takes a very complicated topic, the hunt for exoplanets, and in particular habitable worlds, and provides the listener with a true appreciation of what we know and don’t know, how we search, and where we might find life. I was enlightened by her lecture, and I think you will be as well.

Listen in.

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