The Canadian International Rover Competition returns to Drumheller

Credit: Canadian International Rover Challenge.

The badlands of Drumheller, Alberta will once again be the location of Canadian International Rover Competition between August 12-15.

The fifth edition of the Canadian International Rover Competition will feature 13 post-secondary teams from Canada and the United States. The challenge? Teams will “compete in five different tasks during the day and night at multiple locations around Drumheller. These tasks challenge the tele-operated rovers in their ability to collect soil samples, perform dexterous arm operations, navigate challenging terrain, and carry out search and rescue operations.”

The event will once again be held at the Badlands Community Facility in Drumheller. The event is open to the public and parents are encouraged to bring their children to see the rovers in action. Drumheller is also known for its world famous Royal Tyrrell Museum which houses an incredible and diverse display of dinosaurs.

Justin Gerein, the lead organizer said, “Everyone should come out – they will have the opportunity to visit with the volunteers and participants to learn about robotics, space, and technology, and to see what needs to happen to get a rover ready for the challenge.”

For those who can’t attend but are interested, there will be a live streams on YouTube and Facebook.

The event is organized and supported by the Canadian Space Technology Advancement Group. Funding for the event is provided by the following sponsors; sponsors Protocase, Calian Advanced Technologies, BriteBox, Lightleaf Solar, and Portable Electric.

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