Terranauts is Back for Season 4 – Mother Nature and GO for Launch

Terranuats podcast.

Terranauts is back for season 4.  This season we are planning to follow Gemini as it accelerates off the launch pad on the way to putting NASA firmly on a course for the Moon.

Today, though, in addition to setting the stage for season 4, I’d like to pause and think about how some parts of the Terranaut journey haven’t changed all that much in nearly 60 years.  Including the fact the Mother Nature continues to get a vote on when it’s time to GO.

Listen to the season 4, episode 1:

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Founder and CEO at SideKickSixtyFive Consulting and host of the Terranauts podcast. Iain is a seasoned business executive with deep understanding of the space business and government procurement policy. Iain worked for 22 years at Neptec including as CEO. He was a VP at the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada, is a mentor at the Creative Destruction Lab and a visiting professor at the University of Ottawa's Telfer School of Management.

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