Stardust Technologies launches Stardust Alliance with over 20 partners

Announcing the Stardust Alliance. From left to right - John Bendle, Senior Manager, Strategy and Business Development, Lockheed Martin; Adam Trumpour, President, Launch Canada; Jason Michaud, Chief Executive Officer, Stardust Technologies; Lisa Callahan, Vice President and General Manager ,Commercial Civil Space at Lockheed Martin; Lisa Campbell, President of the Canadian Space Agency; and Kirk Shireman, VP, Lunar Exploration Campaign at Lockheed Martin. Credit: Stardust Technologies.

At the 37th Space Symposium, Stardust Technologies which had already made news for its partnership on the Rocket Innovation Challenge, today announced the details of its new not-for-profit Stardust Alliance.

In a press release, Stardust Technologies said that the “(Stardust) Alliance, (is) an umbrella non-profit composed by an ensemble of like-minded stakeholders, will spearhead the company’s community engagement initiatives, and in particular its youth outreach, as well as B2B cooperation to promote space and STEM research and implement a collaborative agenda for space equity and accessibility.”

The first project the Stardust Alliance will undertake is what it calls the Turtle Island Space Initiatives. The initiatives are aimed at “making space research accessible to and inclusive of the Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island, in particular the youth.”

The first activity will be rocket payload challenge. “The best payload ideas will be rewarded with a coveted prize: one of three available payload slots aboard the largest student-built rocket in the world, currently in the final stages of production at Space Concordia in Montreal.”

“This sounding rocket is scheduled to launch from Churchill, Manitoba later this year, rising to an altitude of over 100 km. It will be the first Canadian space launch in over two decades, carrying an array of assets for scientific experiments, among which the three payload challenge winners.”

Space Concordia is well know for a variety of space related student projects at Concordia University including its rocketry prowess.

Not content with one project, the Turtle Island Space Initiatives will also undertake the Mission to the Stars. According to Stardust, “the project was conceived to encourage Indigenous youth to prepare for a growing space economy and to play an active role in its creation. The Alliance will soon open a national call for youth interested in the aerospace industry and in becoming space explorers, astronauts, and analogue astronauts, providing them with access, mentorships, and other opportunities.”

Speaking on the new Alliance and all the work of Stardust Technologies, Grand Chief Derek Fox, Nishnawbe Aski Nation stated “I am very impressed with the Stardust Space Centre facility and their vision to develop a world-class space centre in the North. Visionary ideas like this can inspire youth to pursue careers in the sciences while boosting the technology sector in the North. Our youth dream big when they look to the night sky, and we encourage them to reach for the stars. I am pleased to work with these partners to broaden their horizons.”

The Rocket Innovation Challenge being organized by Launch Canada with Stardust Technologies as its new partner will be held August 1-6, 2022. Alongside this competition, the Stardust Alliance will hold the Stardust Festival. “The festival will focus on STEAM activities and on the importance of mental health awareness and mainstreaming Indigenous culture and knowledge systems in space research and exploration. The festival’s program includes traditional drumming ceremonies, cultural and mental health workshops, a space symposium, and a trade show, as well as a gala.”

Frank Louvelle, of the Cochrane Board of Trade says that his organization is “proud to be a partner in this endeavour to provide STEM opportunities” to the youth. “Engaging them in areas such as space exploration”, he continues, “will open their minds to their limitless opportunities and potential. This venture will undoubtedly have a tremendous positive impact on their lives.”

Founding partners of the Stardust Alliance include;

  • Lockheed Martin (USA)
  • Western University (London, Ontario)
  • Nishawbee Aski Nation (Ontario)
  • Canada Nickel (Cochrane, Ontario)
  • Beyond Blue Aerospace (Peterborough, Ontario)
  • Space Concordia (Montréal, Québec)
  • Blue Abyss (Cornwall, UK)
  • EXPLOR (Sidney, Australia)
  • Janet’s Planet (Goodlettsville, Tennessee)
  • Launch Canada (Mississauga, Ontario)
  • Habitat Marte (Brazil)
  • Northern Lights Rocketry (Cochrane, Ontario)
  • SEDS Canada
  • The Mars Society of Canada
  • Portiguar Rocket (Natal, Brazil)
  • Link North (Timmins, Ontario)
  • Northern College (Timmins, Ontario)
  • The University of Waterloo (Waterloo, Ontario)
  • The University of Victoria (Victoria, British Columbia)
  • Simon Fraser University (Surrey, British Columbia)
  • Astro Access (USA).

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