Spacebound 2023 Session Videos Available

Canadian Space Agency Lisa Campbell addressing the Spacebound 2023 conference. One primary topic was the new RADARSAT+ initiative. Image credit: SpaceQ.

Space Canada’s second annual conference, Spacebound 2023, was held in Ottawa between October 17-19 and SpaceQ was present to cover the key news stories.

Some of those key stories included Minister Champagne announcing $1 Billion for RADARSAT+, there is a $40 billion opportunity for Canada’s space industry though obstacles remain, and militaries are finally taking space seriously among others.

Also present was CPAC, the Cable Public Affairs Channel, who recorded fifteen sessions. Unfortunately, the sessions are not available to embed here, but below is the list of sessions and links on CPAC to view them.

Spacebound 2023 videos:

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