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SEDS Canada Outlines 2019-20 Projects and Events

The Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS Canada) have released their projects and events for 2019-20.

The following projects and event descriptions were provided by SEDS Canada.

Canadian Reduced Gravity Experiment Design Challenge (CAN-RGX)

Canada’s first microgravity research competition for students returns for its fourth year with a twist.

We’re working with the National Research Council to bring the Flight Campaign of this year’s CAN-RGX competition to Calgary, Alberta. You heard it right: we’re hoping to fly the Falcon 20 west!

Any student team at a Canadian university or college can submit a proposal for their experiment, after which, 4 teams will be selected to fully design, build and fly their experiments. Two members of each team will fly with their experiments onboard the Falcon-20 which simulates microgravity conditions by flying in consecutive parabolas.

Canadian Stratospheric Balloon Experiment Design Challenge (CAN-SBX)

New for 2019-2020: Help the Canadian Space Agency demonstrate its high-altitude balloon launch capability!

We’re working with the Canadian Space Agency to provide students the opportunity to fly individual payloads onboard smaller gondolas. Students would be able to gain experience in flight operations and recovery while working closely with CSA employees.

Students from selected teams will attend the 2020 launch campaign, which will most likely occur at the Canadian Space Agency headquarters in Quebec (TBC). The launch campaign will involve students in launch operations and payload recovery so that students will be experienced enough to tangibly lead balloon launches from their home institutions.

Canadian Space Society Annual Space Summit 2019 Student Challenge

Want to attend Canada’s premiere space sector summit?

We’re partnering with the Canadian Space Society (CSS) for the second year in a row to allow two selected students to attend the CSS’s Annual Space Summit for free!

Not only will winning students get free registration, they’ll earn a spot in the program, and receive a $250 travel reimbursement from SEDS-Canada.

Applying is easy: just submit a 300-500 word summary on anything space-related + film a 1.5 minute video.

Ascension 2020 at McMaster University

Our annual conference Ascension has a home for 2020: McMaster University!

After our wildly successful Ascension 2019 at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, we’re excited to host Ascension 2020 at McMaster University in Hamilton. We’re partnering with the McMaster Planetary Society to bring you all things SPACE.


ActInSpace is back in 2020! ActInSpace is an innovation contest (or hackathon), conceived by the French space agency (CNES), that aims to to bring together entrepreneurs, students, job seekers, developers, and creatives worldwide.

For 24 hours, teams come together to work on real-life challenges alongside business mentors and technical experts and to imagine and design innovative services and products that find everyday uses for space.

Like in 2018 for the first Canadian ActInSpace event, the 2020 ActInSpace Competition will be held in Montreal in partnership with Space Concordia and the Canadian Space Agency.

We’re working hard to make this event amazing. Keep your eyes out for updates!

NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge

Running annually since 2012, NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge brings coders, designers, entrepreneurs, and makers together from across the globe to take on a series of challenges developed by NASA.

Space Apps locations in Canada also get special challenges from the Canadian Space Agency!
Last year, over 18,000 people developed and submitted more than 2000 projects at 200 events in 75 countries. During the intense 48-hour hackathon, teams form and produce solutions that leverage NASA’s extensive spacecraft, celestial, and science datasets.

This year, SEDS-Canada is pleased to host three of the Canadian Space Apps events: Toronto, Calgary, and Halifax!

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