Project Mercury Gets Around

Project Mercury capsule. Credit: NASA.

This week’s installment of the Terranauts Guide to Leaving the Planet is called “Project Mercury Gets Around.”

When we left the Mercury Flight Control team they were just about to make their first attempt to get an American into space.  Once they cleared that hurdle though, the game would change again, as they confronted all of the things they would need to learn in order not just to get to space, but to stay there for at least one orbit around the earth.  Oh yes, and did we mention, the President was about to let the world know that he had much bigger plans for the American space program.

Listen in.

Project Mercury Gets Around

About Terranauts Season 2

This year on Terranauts we’re going to offer a mix of interviews with Terranauts, people who go to space all the time without leaving the planet, and we’re also planning regular instalments of the Terranauts Guide to Leaving the Planet where we explore the history of humankind’s adventures off the planet.

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