Minister Meets with the Space Advisory Board to Discuss Space Strategy Consultations

ISED Minister Bains and the Space Advisory Board. Credit: ISED.

On Friday, July 28 Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) Minister Navdeep Bains met with the Space Advisory Board to discuss the results of the recent space strategy consultations.

We know this from Minister Bains who tweeted on Monday that he had “Met with our  Advisory Board to discuss results from consultations w/ Canadians on the future of .” SpaceQ confirmed that the meeting was last Friday.

It was an opportunity for the Minister to sit down with the Space Advisory Board to discuss the results of the recently completed cross-Canada consultations where stakeholders provided their views on what Canada’s new space strategy should include.

One clear message from stakeholders was the need for action now, not just another high-level policy.

The new space strategy was to have been released in June. However, it became clear that ISED and Minister Bains needed more time after they received the consultation report form the Space Advisory Board.  Based on the feedback ISED received, it was decided to delay making any new space strategy announcement until later this summer or the fall so as to combine a new space policy with possibly some form of action.

The report written by the Space Advisory Board has not been made public as yet.

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