Maritime Launch Services Launch Manifest Grows

Illustration of the horizontal integration facility. Credit: MLSI.

Maritime Launch Services has signed a contract with an undisclosed European company that “if fully realized” would be valued at over $1 billion and would fill up its medium class launch vehicle manifest through 2027.

The multi-mission agreement, “on a rideshare and dedicated payload basis,” was signed with a European company that manufactures Orbital Transfer Vehicles (OTV). According to European Spaceflight, there are no less than 17 OTV’s in use or planned.

In a press release Matier said “this Agreement, if fully realized, is valued at over $1B in revenue and commits a large portion of our near-term medium-class launch manifest at Spaceport Nova Scotia, proving the strong demand for launch services in the global space market and the viability of Spaceport Nova Scotia. By offering missions from Nova Scotia, we are able to help address global demand, while offering Canadians great careers and opportunities to participate in our exciting space economy.”

Matier further stated that the “international client is a leader in space logistics and transportation and has a track record of space-proven technologies and successful missions, enabling service providers to streamline satellite launch, across-orbit transportation, on-orbit servicing and refueling, and end of mission disposal.”

SpaceQ spoke with Maritime Launch Services President and CEO Steve Matier who explained that the manufacturer is well known, but that he could not disclose who it was. However, with the characterization provided my Matier in their press release, it would seem to narrow down the list of who the customer is considerably, including possibly D-Orbit or Exolaunch.

Maritime Launch Services says it has “Canadian and international clients lined-up to launch using small-class vehicles starting as early as 2024” and is planning on having the Ukrainian built Cyclone 4M medium-class launch vehicle ready and launching by 2025.

Earlier this spring work began in earnest on a small launch vehicle launch pad which will be ready for use shortly. Pending further funding, Maritime Launch Services, will begin construction on other needed facilities including a horizontal integration facility.

Last week we reported that the Conference Board of Canada (CBoC) had released a new economic impact that states Maritime Launch Services’ Spaceport Nova Scotia will a positive economic benefit for the region and Canada.

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