Marcia Smith on U.S. space policy after the election

SpaceX Crew Dragon. Credit: NASA.

The U.S. election has left the public with many questions, including when or if President Trump will concede. The Democrats won the House of Representatives as expected, but lost seats. The fate of the Senate rests upon two run-off elections in Georgia scheduled for January 5th. Some members of House and Senate committee’s on space lost their elections. So what does this mean for space policy and the space economy?

On this weeks episode of the Space Economy podcast my guest is Marcia Smith the founder of Space Policy Online.

Marcia’s career includes being the Executive Director of the U.S. National Commission on Space, a Senior Level Specialist in Aerospace and Telecommunications Policy at the Congressional Research Service, and a Director of the Space Studies Board at the National Research Council. While Marcia likes to be referred to as a space policy analyst, and downplays her career, she is an expert in space policy, and I’m thrilled to have her on the show this week as we discuss the election and its effect on the space program.

Listen in.

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