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KidsArm the First Image‑Guided Robotic Surgical Arm Undergoing Testing

In a spinoff from the robotic technology developed by the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates (MDA) for the space program, a new robotic surgical tool, the KidsArm, is being tested for pediatric surgery at SickKids Hospital in Toronto.

According to the CSA the KidsArm “is capable of performing intricate procedures such as the suturing of blood vessels and tissues 10 times faster and with more accuracy than a surgeon’s hands.”
“A key element of KidsArm is its vision-based system that can function autonomously. It acts as the eyes and brains of the platform and is the focus of the research. The robot is operated using a pair of hand controllers in conjunction with high-precision, real-time imaging technology that allows surgeons to control its miniaturized dexterous tools that can cut, coagulate and apply suction.”
– More information about KidsArm is available here.

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