India’s space ambitions include the Moon but its program must modernize

India's space ambitions include the Moon. Credit: Gateway House.

India has made no secret that it has ambitious plans for the space exploration of the Moon, however Dr. Chaitanya Giri told SpaceQ that its space program must modernize.

Today on the SpaceQ podcast we’re going to discuss India’s space exploration program with regards to the Moon and the Artemis program, as well as India’s space startup scene.

My guest is Dr. Chaitanya Giri from Gateway House, Indian Council on Global Relations. I recently discovered Dr. Giri’s work at Gateway House when I came across a paper he wrote on the Artemis Accords and India’s space ambitions.

Dr. Giri was trained as a planetary and astromaterials scientist, and has been a Visiting Scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, a Fellow at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, did a postdoctoral at the Max-Planck Institute for Solar System Research, just a few of his past experience.

His current focus at Gateway House is aquapolitics and astropolitics, the new-age techno-geostrategy, the space and marine industrial complex, and the science of space exploration.

In our discussion Dr. Giri tells SpaceQ that if India is to become a space power it must modernize its space program and embrace the commercial space sector, including supporting new space startup companies.

To that end Dr. Giri has recently written several papers including; Artemis Accords propel India’s space ambitions, A space exploration industry for India, and Can ISRO do what SpaceX did? Dr. Giri discusses all of these topics in our podcast.

Listen in.

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