Gemini V – Getting It All Together

During their rendezvous in space, Gemini VIII astronauts inspect the Agena target vehicle prior to docking. Credit: NASA/David Scott.

In this episode of the Terranauts podcast, the NASA’s Gemini program is moving forward nicely but there’s still one critical issue that needs to be mastered.

By the Fall of 1965, the Gemini program was well underway and riding the wave of a couple of very successful flights.  NASA engineers and management could take pride in the fact that success had actually been fairly hard won.  NASA had proven that it could work through significant issues and contingencies and still find a way to make it all work on orbit.  There was still one major objective that had remained out of reach, though.  And that was the issue of spacecraft rendezvous.  So although NASA had proven they could make it work, they still needed to prove they could get it all together before they did so.

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