Iain Christie

New Space – Smaller, Faster, Cheaper

Cislunar Market Opportunities Report

This is the second in a series of articles about the on-going disruption in the space sector. The first article introduced the idea that the initial wave of disruption has settled to some extent and the sector is now in a period of adaptation and fragmentation as all of the players, old and new, look for ways to survive and thrive in a market that has …

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Disruption of the Space Sector Continues

marketplace disruption

Over the past few years the space industry has been undergoing a disruptive change.  This has been, and is, an interesting experience for those of us who have worked in the industry for some time. Because there is (or was) a funny paradox about the space business that while what we did in space was constantly changing and presenting new challenges and opportunities, how we did those things had …

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We may not be big, but we’re small – What is a small business and why does it matter?

The Vinyl Cafe

Fans of the late Stuart MacLean will recognize the title as an inside joke about the Vinyl Café. But the title also speaks to another insider group. The policy wonks amongst you will also immediately recognize this topic of conversation. Some of you may be able to anticipate much of the discussion that follows. Those of you fortunate to live outside the federal government industrial …

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The Two Solitudes of Space – New and Traditional

Swarm Technologies "SpaceBee" pico telecommunications satellite

Anyone who has been working in or following the space business over the last decade is familiar with the dichotomy that has grown up between “new” or entrepreneurial space ventures and traditional space programs. Often these sectors seem to be a model of the classic two solitudes, existing side by side but embodying two different world views and without a lot of (constructive) interaction. But …

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