Canadian Space Agency working in an evolving COVID-19 situation

Credit: CSA/SpaceQ.

Since the government directed some federal workers this past Monday to telework, updated or new content on the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) channels, be it their website or social media, has dropped precipitously.

In an email to SpaceQ, Anna Kapiniari, Director of Communcations and Public Affairs said this is by design as the government has directed departments to get government messaging out there with respect to COVID-19 pandemic.

She also stated, it’s an evolving situation.

Kapiniari said the CSA is open and people are working at their desks or at home.

CSA projects and programs are still functioning, though adapting as the situation warrants.

The directive by the government to focus department channels towards the need get information out to the public with respect to COVID-19 is admirable, but do all departments need to do this?

Certainly it’s a different situation in the US and Europe where both NASA and the European Space Agency are still publishing updates and new content with respect to their programs, while at the same time releasing COVID-19 information that pertains to their agencies as needed.

The public needs to know both what the government is doing about COVID-19 and what each department is doing with respect to their areas of responsibilities.

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