Canadian Space Agency Opens Regulatory Framework Consultation

Space and the Canadian government. Credit: SpaceQ.

Working with other government departments, the The Canadian Space Agency has opened up a public consultation for a modern regulatory framework for space.

The consultation was opened up on Monday, January 31 and will close on April 4, 2023. News of the consultation was first announced on January 20 as part of a larger announcement where the Minister of Transport, Omar Alghabra, signalled to the world that Canada would be open for commercial space launches.

The announcement yesterday opened up with the statement “Space is a strategic national asset for Canada.” That the government should lead with such a strong statement, something stakeholders have long advocated for, is a step forward.

There is however, a however. The consultation won’t include any in-person events. The consultation also won’t lead to the reconstitution and use of the Space Advisory Board. Though it should be noted that some would now prefer we create a National Space Council similar to what they have in the US and UK.

So what is the consultation process this time around? Glad you asked, here it is.

Consultation process

The Government of Canada is seeking views from Canadians on Canada’s space regulatory framework.

The consultation process is open to all Canadians; everyone is invited to share their perspectives. In particular, stakeholders with an interest in the Canadian space regulatory environment are invited to provide feedback.

Interested parties may include:

  • Canadian businesses, especially those who are affected by Canadian space regulations or who are engaged in emerging space activities or space launch
  • Academics and experts, including specialists in space law, space regulation, and emerging space activities
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Other individuals or groups

Suggested questions

You may wish to consider reviewing the background context and answering the following questions as you prepare your submission:

  • How do you view the current regulatory framework for space and how does it affect your organization?
  • If the Government of Canada were to modify the regulatory framework for space, what should the goals of that framework be and why?
  • What issues or activities require a new or changed approach and why?
  • What does the Government need to know to ensure that a modern regulatory framework enables space companies to prosper in Canada?

Submissions will be accepted via email at the following address: [email protected]. There is no prescribed format in which to provide your submission. Canadians have until 11:59 p.m. (Pacific time) on April 4, 2023 to submit their perspectives.

A long background section is provided on the consultation page. What the results of the consultation be shared with the public. You would hope so, however that was not explicitly stated.

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