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RADARSAT Constellation Mission data largely unused, unavailable

The first RCM satellite being transferred to the TVAC chamber at the David Florida Laboratory

In 2019 the Canadian space community was energized by the Government of Canada’s successful launch of the RADARSAT Constellation Mission; three satellites designed that among other things are able to help Canadians study dramatically changing climate – and such events as the breakup of massive ice sheets that have been presents for thousands of years. This page is for subscribers only. Already a subscriber? Log …

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During the pandemic the Space Advisory Board is sidelined

ISED Minister Bains and the Space Advisory Board.

The last time we had a statement from the Space Advisory Board was March 2019 in support of the new Canadian Space Strategy. At the time, Dr. Lucy Stojak, Chair of the Board, noted in her statement that "the Board recognizes that there is more work to be done," and that "we look forward to continuing to advise, inform and support the Minister." SpaceQ has …

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Is Canada the next Five Eyes nation to sign a Technology Safeguards Agreement with the US?

Illustration of rocket launching

In mid-June the UK signed a Technology Safeguards Agreement with the US, joining New Zealand which did so in 2016. That leaves Canada and Australia as the remaining members of the Five Eyes intelligence alliance to do so. SpaceQ spoke with Ken Hodgkins, formerly of the US State Department to discuss a possible Technology Safeguards Agreement (TSA) agreement between Canada and the US. This page …

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