Canadian robotics featured in NASA’s Exploration and In-Space Services review

The Canadarm2 robotic arm and Dextre, the fine-tuned robotic hand, are remotely controlled on Earth to extract Bartolomeo from the pressurized trunk of the SpaceX Dragon resupply ship. Bartolomeo is a European Space Agency science payload system that will enable numerous external science experiments to be conducted and controlled outside the space station. Credit: NASA. (Marc 25, 2020)

If there is one space technology Canadian’s can readily identify, it is the Canadarm. While it’s not the only technology and capability Canada produces, it is nonetheless important.

In 2020, Canadian robotic technology was on full display throughout the year on the International Space Station (ISS). And now Canada is investing in the next-generation robotic technology with the Canadarm3 program.

NASA’s Exploration and In-Space Services (NExIS) division at the Goddard Space Flight Center produced this video highlighting robotic technology on the ISS during 2020.

NExIS 2020 Year in Review featuring Canadarm technology

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