Canada’s students, young workforce offered generational opportunity to help guide its future space exploration activities

Lunar Exploration Accelerator Program (LEAP). Credit: Canadian Space Agency.

The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) is currently consulting with the public on its future space exploration activities. For those ‘in the business’, this is yet another consultation process, one of many they’ve experienced. For students and the younger workforce, this could be a generational opportunity to effect policy, and they shouldn’t miss the opportunity.

Policy changes can be slow and arduous. Space policy, and the needed regulatory changes, and any new law, can take years to come about. Yes, slight updates to regulations can happen more frequently. However, at this time, we’re in one of those periods where significant changes to existing regulations, and possibly a new space law, are being considered. It is a rare time where policy consultations with the input of stakeholders, including, and importantly, from its younger stakeholders, is important.

Students in colleges or university and those who’ve recently graduated and joined the space workforce should really consider providing their input as individuals and as part of groups such as the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS Canada).

The consultation is open for input until March 31, 2021.

Future space exploration activities webinar

On Friday, February 19, the Canadian Space Agency held the first of two webinars on a “on a framework for future space exploration activities.” This first one was in english to be followed by a french one on February 26.

The majority of the webinar had Elle Agnew, Manager, International and Regulatory Affairs, Policy Department at the Canadian Space Agency providing the background information.

The webinar was presented in three parts. In the first part the Agnew provided context as to why the consultation is taking place, current deep space activities, a “high-level overview” of existing rules, treaties etc., and “a summary of efforts to advance roles within the international and multilateral communities.”

The second part discussed the Artemis Accords and a case study on space resource utilization. The topic of space resource utilization is of particular interest for anyone interested in lunar and asteroid resource utilization and the technologies need to develop these resources.

In the third part, the CSA discussed how users can provide their input and answered questions.

You can listen to webinar on this weeks Space Economy podcast.

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