Astronomers for Planet Earth and climate change

Credit: Astronomers for Planet Earth/NASA.

On this weeks episode of the Earth and Space podcast we’re learning how Astronomers for Planet Earth see the challenge of climate change and what they can do.

The fight for climate change touches us all, which is why the organization Astronomers for Planet Earth aims to bring together astronomy students, educators, and scientists around the globe to bring their astronomical and climate change perspectives to the public. An open letter they issued about climate change has garnered thousands of signatures and they held a briefing about that letter this summer at the United Kingdom’s National Astronomy Meeting.

To tell us more, we welcome Hannah Dalgleish to the podcast. Dr. Dalgleish is involved with Astronomers for Planet Earth. She is also a part of the Royal Astronomical Society’s sustainability group. And she is a postdoctoral researcher in astronomy for development, working between the University of Oxford and the University of Namibia.

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