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A new student CanSat competition and a CubeSat challenge on hold

Students from Simon Fraser University at TRIUMF in Vancouver for the radiation testing workshop. Credit: CSDC.

The non-profit Canadian Satellite Design Challenge Management Society issued an update yesterday on the status of the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge (CSDC) and announced a new CanSat Design Challenge designed for secondary schools.

First the bad news. In statement posted to LinkedIn, the Society said “due to the Covid pandemic, the current offering of the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge (CSDC) was suspended, just as the teams were preparing for the final launch vibration testing. Although we can’t state for certain yet, it appears likely that the final testing will have to wait until at least May, 2021. Despite the delay, interest remains high among the participating teams, and two more universities have applied to participate.”

The good news is the Society is starting a new competition, this one designed for high schools, though only in British Columbia to start.

“We are now starting a CanSat competition for high schools. A CanSat is a small simplified satellite, the size of a soft drink can which is launched to an altitude of 1km, then collects experiment data as it parachutes to the ground.”

“This inaugural CanSat Design Challenge will only be offered in British Columbia, but it will be expanded to other provinces as interest grows in subsequent years.”

Those interested should visit the Society’s website for more information.

The Society also announced that it will be holding its Annual General Meeting soon and that Karen Pooni (C.P.A/C.G.A) will be joining the Board of Directors as Treasurer.

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