2021 pre-budget consultations resume

Canada Budget 2021. Credit: SpaceQ.

This past August the Liberal government prorogued parliament ostensibly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, they were was also trying to get the WE Charity controversy behind them, without much luck. A consequence of parliament's prorogation was a delay in the 2021 pre-budget consultations. After much politicking, the consultations began again this week.

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About Marc Boucher

Marc Boucher
Boucher is an entrepreneur, writer, editor & publisher. He is the founder of SpaceQ Media Inc. and CEO and co-founder of SpaceRef Interactive Inc. Boucher has 20 years working in various roles in the space industry and a total of 28 years as a technology entrepreneur including creating Maple Square, Canada's first internet directory and search engine.

One comment

  1. Prashant Shukle

    Marc, Thank-you for this article. When you look at the various proposals on their own they hold a lot of merit. However, taken as a an amalgamation they come across as a series of seemingly unconnected proposals. The dispersed nature of these demands, in turn, impose or leave a governmental apparatus that is forced to try and pick between competing draws for financial attention. Not only do we know how poor the Government of Canada is in picking winners and losers (or funding continuously those winners that we do create and they then pull the rug out from underneath), it would seem that the paltry amounts doled out in the space strategy two years ago have set a bar under which subsequent investments will need to fall — especially given the state of our national finances and other priorities currently at play in Canada.