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GHGSat to Deploy Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Sensor on an Airplane and Looks to Expand Into India and China

GHGSat satellite Claire

At 15-kilograms, Claire, the size of a microwave oven, zips around the planet at 7-kilometres a second. When flying above the Alberta oil sands, her sensors zero in on a tailing pond and record carbon dioxide and methane emissions. Claire is a demonstration microsatellite operated by GHGSat, the first commercial company to offer greenhouse gas monitoring services using satellite technology.

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SmallSat Conference Sees Black Brant Rocket CubeSat Deployer Proposal and New Canadian Rocketry Competition Proposed

Magellan Aerospace presentation slide showing captive payload configuration

The last day of the Canadian SmallSat Symposium saw something unusual happen. Typically at conferences the last couple of sessions are poorly attended as many attendees are already headed home. That was the case for the SmallSat Symposium except for a core group of rocket professionals and enthusiasts.

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Planet and KSAT Threaten to Pull Ground Station Assets out of Canada (Updated)

The new commercial ground station built by New North Networks

Planet took the opportunity while presenting at the Canadian SmallSat Symposium to deliver a very public ultimatum to Global Affairs Canada. Either there is measurable progress on licensing of their ground stations in Inuvik by June 1, or they will dismantle them and leave Canada. And they weren’t the only company to threaten this action.

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