Canadian SmallSat Symposium Announces Technical Speakers

Greg Wyler of OneWeb keynote at the 2016 Canadian SmallSat Symposium. Credit: CSCA.

The Canadian Space Commerce Association has released its technical speaker list for the Canadian SmallSat Symposium (#CDNSmallSat2018) being held in Toronto between February 13-15, 2018.

Michelle Mendes, Executive Director and President of the CSCA said of the Symposium technical speakers, “the breadth and depth of this year’s program of technical papers reflects the CSCA’s dynamic membership and the potential that smallsat technologies present for Canada. Our technical committee evaluated many excellent abstracts and those that we’ve chosen augment our specific program streams.”

A full list of speakers that is being updated is available here.

Launch Providers in the House

While ridesharing will get small satellites into space, they usually are not on the customers preferred schedule. 2018 will see more dedicated small satellite launch companies actually launching. Here’s a list of the announced companies who will be at SmallSat, though not all will be launching this year.

  • Jim Cantrel, Vector Space Systems
  • Yarko Pustovyi, Maritime Launch Services
  • Francis Joseph, Virgin Orbit


It should be noted that there is at least one workshop scheduled with more possibly being added to the schedule. The current workshop on the program is Investing in Space 101.

Featured Speakers to Date

Along with the list of technical speakers below, the Canadian SmallSat Symposium has so far announced the following featured speakers;

  • James Cantrell, CEO and Co-Founder, Vector Launch, Inc
  • Nathan DeRuuiter, CEO, Euroconsult (Canada)
  • Stephane Germain, CEO, GHGSat
  • Luis Gomes, Chief Technologist, Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd
  • Erwin Hudson, Vice President Telesat LEO, Telesat
  • Dr. Michael Simpson, Executive Director, Secure World Foundation

Technical Speakers

The CCSS18 Technical Program will include the following presentations:

  • Ms. Callie Lissinna – University of Alberta ISSET
    Transient Thermal Circuit Model of the University of Alberta Ex-Alta 1 CubeSat
  • Mr. Stuart Eagleson – Magellan Aerospace
    Single GPS Antenna Attitude Vector Pair – NEOSSat Recovery
  • Mr. Olivier Daigle – Nüvü Caméras
    TRL-5 EMCCD Controller for Space Applications
  • Dr. Pooya Sekhavat – MSC Inc.
    A Novel Reaction Wheel Desaturation Method Using Satellite Residual Dipole
  • Mr. David Ross – Magellan Aerospace
    Dust Off Your CubeSat and Get Ready for Launch!
  • Mrs. Anais Gagnon – Space Concordia
    Benefits of Creating a Space Youth Council
  • Dr. Bhairavi Shankar – BeSpacial Consuting Inc.
    Using Small Satellite Data to engage the next generation
  • Mr. Francis Joseph – Virgin Orbit
    LauncherOne: Responsive Launch for Small Satellites
  • Mr. Akiv Jihrad – McMaster University
    An FPGA-based radiation tolerant flight computer for the NEUDOSE CubeSat
  • Mr. Simon Molgat Laurin UTIAS Space Flight Laboratory
    The NORSAT-2 Microsatellite: Demonstrating Advanced Maritime Communication with VDES
  • Mr. Tyler Hrynyk – University of Alberta ISSET
    University of Alberta Ex-Alta 1 Cube Satellite for the QB50 Mission
  • Mr. Brad Cotton – UTIAS Space Flight Laboratory
    On-Orbit Results from the ADS-B and Drag Sail Experiments On-Board the CanX-7 Mission
  • Dr. Kieran Carroll – Gedex
    An Asteroid Lander/Rover for Asteroid Surface Gravity Surveying
  • Mr. Abbasi Viqar – Canadian Space Agency
    Recovering NEOSSat following major attitude control system failures
  • Mr. Warren Soh – Magellan Aerospace
    Relative Star Tracker Optical Head Alignment Calibration for the Radarsat Constellation Mission
  • Mr. Christopher Robson – University of Alberta ISSET
    Simulating Aerodynamic Disturbances on CubeSats
    Test Apparatus for Precise Measurement of CubeSat COG and MOI
  • Ms. Jennifer Blasko – Swedish Space Corp.
    Commercial Ground Systems Increase Small Satellite Impact
  • Mr. Robert Magner – UTIAS Space Flight Laboratory
    Optimization-Based Approach for Target Tracking Attitude Trajectory Generation for DAUNTLESS Bus Missions
  • Mr. Kevin Ellis – ARCHTOP Strategic Communications Inc.
    Setting A Benchmark for Assessing Canadian Space Sector Strategic Communications Initiatives
  • Mr. Mr. Bhavesh Kakwani – McMaster University NEUDOSE Satellite Team
    NEUDOSE: A CubeSat to characterize space radiation
  • Ms. Michelle Hanlon – ABH Aerospace, LLC
    Regulatory Response to the SmallSat Revolution: “There is Nothing We Cannot Do”
  • Mr. Adam Svatos – UTIAS Space Flight Laboratory
    A prototype 300W power processing unit for a cylindrical Hall thruster

Logistics Note

The hotel group rate is available until January 11, so organizers are urging members to book early.

SpaceQ is the media sponsor for the Canadian SmallSat Symposium.

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