A Weightless David Saint-Jacques Does His First Media Interview From Space

David Saint-Jacques first media interview from space. Credit: Canadian Space Agency.

It was clear from David Saint-Jacques first interview in space that he’s thoroughly enjoying himself. His grin, accentuated by the effects of weightlessness, was ear to ear.

It was also clear though that the rookie was still getting used to being weightless and addressed the issue of trying not to crash around the International Space Station (ISS) and said his experienced crewmates were teaching him “how to fly”. His brain was also having to adjust to which way “was up, and which was down”, something the inner ear helps us with. At first he felt confused, but after a week, and relying on is eyesight, he’s adjusting.

The question of weightlessness and how his body was reacting was one many journalists, including myself, sent to the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) to ask.

One of Saint-Jacques first of many wow moments was after the Soyuz launch and as the spacecraft was making its way to the rendezvous with ISS. As he saw hist first sunrise from space with the outline of the Earth’s crescent and the thin atmosphere visible, it was a very emotional moment.

One important part of life on the ISS is an astronauts sleep cycle. Being weightless, sleeping with the hum of the station and having varying hours depending on events in different times, takes time to adjust. “You develop your own sense of time” said Saint-Jacques.

The full Q&A with media is available below.


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