This Week in Space for Canada

With conference season in full swing and SpaceRef Co-founder and Senior Editor Marc Boucher in Prague covering the 61st International Astronautical Congress (IAC2010) all this week, it’s time to take a quick look at some of the other space focused events, conferences and conventions coming up over the next little while.

Here’s my own private and preferred list in order of occurrence from now through December.
The 3rd RADARSAT-2 Workshop is being held by the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) at the John H. Chapman Space Centre in Saint-Hubert, Quebec from September 27 to October 1, 2010 and will focus on RADARSAT-2 capabilities, opportunities for utilization and access to data from its more than 190 sponsored research projects.
The National Angel Capital Organization is holding their 10th Annual National Angel Summit in Montreal, Quebec from October 6th – 8th 2010. This is always a great event for business owners and entrepreneurs whether or not they they work in outer space, aerospace or some other space.
The 2010 International Symposium for Personal and Commercial Spaceflight (SPCS) will be held in Las Cruces, New Mexico from October 18th – 22nd and will focus on the global commercial space industry.
The 2010 Canadian Science Policy Conference (CSPC) will be held in Montreal, Quebec from October 20th – 22nd and will focus on networking and discussions of the present and the future of science policy in Canada.
The First Puerto Rico Space Congress will be held in San Juan, Puerto Rico from October 23rd – 27th and will focus on how “space is the answer” to terrestrial problems.
The American Astronautical Society National Conference, focused on the International Space Station – The Next Decade, will be held at Cape Canaveral, Florida from November 16th – 17th.
The 2010 Canadian Space Summit is being held in Ottawa, Ontario from November 19th – 21st and will focus on the topic of “2101: A New Canadian Space Odyssey .” This event is being held in conjunction with the November 19th National Space Awareness Workshop which will focus on the topic of Canada’s future space contributions.
Innovation2010 – Canada’s R&D Partnership Conference is being held in Ottawa, Ontario from December 5th – 7th and will address the future of competitiveness and innovation in Canada’s economy.
As always, the venture focused events are likely going to be the most boring but over the long run they might be the most important connections that business owners looking to grow existing space focused businesses and recent graduates looking to fund a start up need to make.
That’s all for this week in space for Canada.

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