The Canadian Space Agency Awards $6.3 Million in New Technology Demonstrations

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The Canadian Space Agency has awarded $6.3 million in contributions to three companies for technology demonstrations.

The companies awarded the contracts include Mission Control, StarSpec Technologies and GHGSat.

The funding comes from two announcements of opportunities (AO).

The first AO, Space Technology Demonstrations for SMEs, Not-for-Profit Organizations and Universities AO, was published in August 2022.

Receiving funding from this AO are:

  • Mission Control – (Ottawa, Ontario, Received a contribution of $2.15M to demonstrate a machine learning operations pipeline and corresponding software technology in space. By performing this demonstration, the company aims to better understand performance and operational considerations required for trustworthy use of artificial intelligence (AI) models in the space environment, and to further solidify its reputation as a global leader in on-board AI.
  • StarSpec Technologies (Cambridge, Ontario, – Received a contribution of $2.15M to perform an on-orbit demonstration of its Attitude Determination and Control System (ADCS). The end objective of this technology demonstration is to complete space-based packaging and adaptation of key components for the company’s InspireSat low Earth orbit satellite.

The second AO in this announcement, is the CSA’s Technology Demonstration AO. Funded by this AO is GHGSat.

GHGSat (Montreal, Quebec, – GHGSat (Quebec) was awarded $2M in contributions for an on-orbit demonstration of its next-generation Grating Spectrometer Technology for Satellite-Based Methane Monitoring. The objective of the project is to improve the methane detection threshold, and the demonstration will contribute to Canada’s 2030 Agenda National Strategy for its Sustainable Development Goals.

The AO’s are part of the CSA’s ongoing Space Technology Development Program.

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