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CSA Balloon Base Gets Payload Facility Upgrade

Strato-Science campaign at the Timmins Stratospheric Balloon Base

The Canadian Space Agency’s Stratospheric Balloon Base in Timmins opened a new payload integration facility on Thursday, doubling its capacity and reinforcing its position as a premiere location for stratospheric science.  As detailed in earlier SpaceQ coverage of the CSA’s STRATOS program, the Timmins base is a key international hub for study of the stratosphere. Started ten years ago in conjunction with the Centre National …

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CSA STRATOS balloon program makes Timmins a scientific hub

High school students from the Timmins area participating in the STRATOS 2022 campaign, posing in front of the balloon containing their experiments

While low Earth orbit SmallSats are having a revolutionary effect on Earth observation, other approaches based on other technologies, like stratospheric balloons, have a role to play as well. At a media availability day on August 18, the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) discussed the stratospheric balloon program (STRATOS) and the balloons’ important scientific and expanding role, and its value to the Timmins’ community. 

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