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The James Webb Space Telescope launches on its historic journey

Loft-off of the Ariane 5 rocket with the James Webb Space Telescope

At 7:20 a.m. EST (12:20 UTC) the powerful Ariane 5 rocket lifted off from its tropical launch pad in Kourou, French Guiana with the James Webb Space Telescope safely nestled within its fairing. It takes with it the hopes of thousands of people from 14 countries who contributed to this mission, a mission designed to expand our knowledge of the universe.

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Podcast – The history of the James Webb Space Telescope

At Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana, the finishing touches to the Ariane 5 fairing for the James Webb Space Telescope include the application of NASA, ESA and Canadian Space Agency logos and Webb insignia

In this episode of the Space Economy podcast, we have a special feature. This Friday, December 24th the James Webb Space Telescope is scheduled to launch. Today’s podcast is a Future in Space Operations presentation from Dec. 15 with Robert Smith of the University of Alberta who discusses The Making of Megascience: The History of the James Webb Space Telescope.

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Kepler secures Aether contract with ESA

Kepler Communications artist illustration of one of their satellites

Kepler announced today it had received a contract from the European Space Agency from their Satellite telemetry and control using space IoT networks for small satellites announcement of opportunity. The contract will use Kepler’s new Aether service.

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